Wolcott nears completion of school computer system rebuild after hack

Wolcott nears completion of school computer system rebuild after hack.

School officials in Wolcott are in the process of rebuilding their computer system after hackers used ransomware to take it hostage in June.

Ransomware is a virus that allows hackers to hold computers hostage in search of money.

The project has been a big undertaking, and some teachers still won’t be able to recover all of their files, including lesson plans.

The school district only had backups for the middle and high schools and central office.

However, school and town officials agreed that this was a better alternative than paying off the hackers.

School Superintendent Tony Gasper said the project will cost the town $10,000, and an insurance policy will cover all other costs, including staff overtime.

While officials briefly debated paying the ransom, Wolcott Police Chief Edward Stephens said that should never be the plan.

“The general rule for law enforcement is you don’t negotiate with ransom, ransoms with people,” Stephens said.

He adds that ransom can seem attractive because it’s cheaper and promises to return all files, but he says you can’t trust hackers.

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