Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Customers these days log on to the internet for finding required services and products for their own purposes. It depends on your search engine placing or rankings whether customers will first approach you or your competitors. If you are ahead in the search engine rankings then it’s pretty obvious that your visibility will be more prominent and you will be approached by customers ultimately increasing your sales and revenue.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the most effective form of online marketing where visitors are diverted to a website by making it visible on top of the search engine’s results page. More visibility in search engine results pages will result in more visitors viewing your website. This is achieved by first conducting a research of relevant phrases and keywords which the visitors use the most while conducting a search for products or services in the search engines. These phrases or keywords are then targeted for using various SEO techniques such as social media marketing, link building, directory submission, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, etc. With numerous websites currently, it is difficult to attract potential customers and target market. But with consistent efforts it is possible to have a successful growth online by attracting potential customers and driving traffic to the website.


  • Drive traffic to the website by attracting targeted potential customers
  • Make your website visible to maximum internet users by improving your rankings in search engine results page
  • Return on Investment (ROI) is high due to less investment generating in more sales and revenue over a long term
  • Presence of you and your website is achieved for a long term basis.
  • Minimum capital leads to maximum exposure and awareness of your website
  • A specific audience market is tapped by choosing an appropriate SEO strategy

Results are measurable and quantified so as to define future SEO and marketing strategies.

Search Engine Optimization

Techniques such as social media marketing, link building, directory submission, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, etc.

$800 per month | no long term commitment

How long before I can see results?

New sites take longer than old sites to show up in top results. Once the campaign starts, I will provide you with an expected timeline based on technical site review and keyword analysis. Generally, new campaigns can take 6-12 months whereas established sites may take 2-4 months to show improvements.

How will I know if the campaign is making any progress?

I will email regular activity updates as well as monthly rank reports for all the keywords that I am working on. In addition, I will also provide detailed traffic and website usage reports to show how traffic source and conversions are improving.

Do I need to do anything extra to comply with changing search engine guidelines?

No, it’s all taken care by me. My processes and quality standards are constantly updated as per the latest changes in algorithms. From the link partners to the list of article directories, I review everything from time to time.

How will I get project updates?

I have a 24/7 online project management system where your campaign(s) will be set up, complete with individual tasks and milestones. You can talk to me, send files, see all project reports, updates and communication logs here.

Who will work on my campaign?

eBiz Kingdom’s owner and lead programmer, Mark Roffer.