Ransomware by the Numbers: Must-Know Ransomware Statistics 2016

Throughout the first half of 2016, we saw ransomware continue to wreak havoc. Attacks are up, ransom demands are up, and with every new Bitcoin payment deposited, not only is there new incentive for criminals to improve their technology and techniques, there’s new incentive for more criminals to get in on the action.

As a result, ransomware is now reaching a new level of maturity. The majority of malware included in phishing emails and exploit kits is currently ransomware. With the demand for it rising, supply of ransomware has gotten increasingly competitive. Criminal groups have hacked and released competeting groups’ decryption keys. They’ve also established ransomware-as-a-service models, where any would-be criminal can utilize their software, regardless of their technical knowledge.

How has the threat of ransomware been evolving in 2016? And where are things headed? To help you get a better sense of it, we’ve collected the following telling statistics.

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