How to Delete Google Reviews (& What to Do If You Can’t)

Topic: How to Delete Google Reviews (& What to Do If You Can’t)

Most of us take out our phones and do a quick Google search to find the best local businesses for food, entertainment, and travel. But not every review we see can be trusted, which is why business owners are curious about how to delete Google reviews.

Removing reviews isn’t an attempt to mislead customers—studies show that 82% of customers won‘t patronize a business until they’ve read the reviews. And, since Google is the preferred review site for 64% of consumers, that means just one poor review could determine whether or not you choose to eat at a restaurant.

It‘s your customer service team’s job to keep track of Google reviews and remove the negative comments that are harmful to your business.

In this post, we‘ll break down what a Google review looks like, how to delete them, and what to do if you can’t.

A Google review is a customer’s opinion of a business that is posted publicly to the business’s Google page. Google reviews consist of a star rating, written text, and sometimes images or video. The review is attached to the reviewer’s Google account with their name and profile picture so searchers (and businesses) can verify the authenticity of the review.

To identify whether the review you’re looking at is a Google review or not, look for the following elements:

  • You see the words “Google reviews” at the top of the list of reviews.
  • There are no other company names on the review.
  • A rating scale numbered from one to five. This won’t always be visible, but it can help you recognize a Google review if you see one.

For example, take a look at the Google review page for HubSpot. You‘ll notice each of the elements we listed above. This review appears in Google Maps, so it’s integrated into the Google interface which makes it more clear that it is a Google review.

Topic How to Delete Google Reviews (& What to Do If You Can’t)

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