Finding the best social media platform for your audience and business

Topic: Finding the best social media platform for your audience and business

You’ve probably seen the Ocean Spray guy by now — he’s skateboarding down the road while “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac plays when suddenly he lifts into frame a large bottle of Ocean Spray cranberry juice. He nonchalantly drinks from it, then turns to the camera to lip-sync the rest of the song.

The unexpectedness and comedy of the TikTok video made it go viral, with other people going out to buy Ocean Spray to reenact the video with their own twist, including the company’s CEO.

“My immediate reaction is we need to be a part of this,” Ocean Spray CEO Tom Hayes said in an interview with Yahoo Finance. He then explained that it led to 15 million media impressions and an uptick in sales.

There’s no denying it, social media is king in the world of connections.

Each social media platform has different features, serves different purposes, and most importantly, connects with a different audience. Understanding the differences between each platform and how you can best reach your business’s demographic is the key to successful social media marketing.


Mark Zuckerburg created the social networking site in 2004 when the original users were in college, and they’ve grown with it ever since — more than 65 percent of Facebook users are older than 35 and the average user is 40. According to Facebook, globally, 2.7 billion users are on the platform every month.

With that said, the most popular pages on Facebook are far and away from large corporations — Samsung, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Netflix, KFC, Red Bull and more. Using social media outreach, they can target millions of people through ads as well as announce product launches, share viral campaigns, and promote videos and photos. The real beauty of Facebook is its targeted ad network. No matter the size of your business, if you know who your ideal customer is, you can target them on Facebook. Highly relevant ads coupled with Facebook’s ability to humanize brands make this network almost universally applicable.


Owned by Facebook, Instagram is a visually driven app that skews towards a younger demographic — half of users are 18 to 35. For many small businesses, their Instagram profiles are their first digital footprint, sometimes going live before their website! With the Instagram Shopping feature, businesses can tag products on photos to show followers the price and then easily go onto the website to purchase it.

The challenging part of Instagram lies in its core focus- visual content. We encounter many brands that simply don’t have Instagram-ready products or services – things that can’t easily be depicted in an image. In cases like these, it helps to have an open mind and a strong eye for design. In the absence of those skills, it’s better to focus on a platform that will align with your content (or consider a digital agency to knock your Instagram profile out of the park).

Topic Discussed: Finding the best social media platform for your audience and business

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